• Potato Jim

    It’s confusing to me that the cheer when they tied the game was louder than when they took the lead. Like it should be the opposite.

  • daniel W

    And still getting goosebumps watching this!one of the greatest comeback in history of football.#YNWA

  • Soulflame123

    That wijnaldum third goal is too similar to that Gerard goal back in 05 Istanbul

  • CSeyoum

    From being garbage at Newcastle, to putting Barcelona to bed in the semis of the UCL

  • David Hernandez

    It's still painful as a Barcelona fan those easy shots that we could had made a goal

  • Mustafa Manya

    goat messi hasn't been to a champion league final in 5 years now lol.

  • Gizmodius

    I know Barça choked like a motherfucker, but that pass by Vidal at :52 . Damn.

  • SomeOG cookie

    Look don’t blame Messi bec they didn’t win it was his teammates that didn’t work well with him

  • oicram1

    My Instagram feed is still giving me daily 6 love. But I came here for the pride of the fight, WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!!!!

  • ronaldo lima

    Why isnt Messi's 1v1 miss ( where he got cute) not included in the highlights. He should have buried the game right then and there. Any other player would be getting sticks right now and they would highlight that miss as if that was the reason they lost. Fuck media

  • Chris Browne

    The 4th goal was almost a duplicate of Gini's goal off TAA's corner at Cardiff on April 21

  • PAHartis

    Who was this team Liverpool destroyed? They don’t seem like such a big deal. Liverpool!!! LIVERPOOL!!!!!

  • Afalaa

    Messi is the best player 🙄🙄🙄. 3-0 a head and got thrashed by 4-0. C Ronaldo converted 2-0 into 3-0. It's clear that Ronaldo is the best player in the world.