• Kelly B

    Quite the performance Drake, bravo.

  • Noctis Kami

    Deep inside he is super happy and dancing like a little kid.

  • James Calum

    I don’t know why women are not to be trusted easily. I was married for over 10 years only for me to discover she has been in another relationship for the past 4 years. But I found out and got my evidence through the help of

  • AJ king

    He faked that its all set up for who will win championship

  • Rustum Valdez

    What he meant was f*ck yeah!!! Now he have a chance.😂🤣

  • Celethia Edwards

    I’m glad that Toronto supported Kevin Durrant as good players can...

  • Pee Gachoka

    Drake acting like a the chic i had and cumm in in 2 seconds, she be like " honey i cum and squirted", I was like my Ego won a world championship, dumass. He reacted like a true, genuine Canadian fan......f... class. Where was class when Kylie and the Cleveland center went out in 2016. The same fans were screaming. Expectations, expectations, expectations. I get paid $ 12 dollar, im he get paid in the millions, lets be real, my expectations should reflect. Nothing wrong with been a jack ass..... everybody trying to be holy but fake......

  • Nope.

    Drake after KD's injury: "Mmmpfhhh IDC. Ez ring for raptors"

  • ashnelyn yang

    atay ani mga fans sa raptors oii malipay man noon cla ma injury ang worries.. kamo kaha ma injury no😢😒😒