AJ the Champ waiting for the rematch Max Kellerman is a legend he knows how to get information in a respectful way but then Stephen A Smith has the annoying i know it all attitudes that spoils interviews.

  • TaggsR85

    Stephen only hates on Ruiz because he’s not black.

  • Titus Von

    If you didn't know Ruiz is a good boxer than you haven't been watching!

  • Tasha Vladimiroff

    Max kellerman squinting at the ignorance coming out of this mans salty ass

  • Anthony Ortega

    Why is this guy even talking Stephen A. Smith. He's trash, don't know shit about boxing.

  • newthrash1221

    So the supposed “physical heavyweight” fighter wasn’t ready? For a “poor man’s butter bean” even though that “poor man’s butter bean” only had a month to train for the biggest fight of his life? You’re a fucking clown stephen. I would say stick to nba, but you’re just as terrible about finals winners too.

  • chris mares

    That's why nobody likes your fuckin ass... ratings dropping... crying like a bitch after the NBA draft. Pussy ass Screaming A. Smith

  • Angel Salinas

    He just cant help the facts that Joshua got his ass beat! Get over it.

  • V Gar

    Ruiz's right hand to the body was the punch that really ended the fight. Joshua was really hurt from that punch.

  • Chris Wylie

    Ruiz is FAR from Butterbean and Smith isn't even a boxing guy. Any boxing expert said Ruiz has great hands and is a fantastic counterpuncher for a Heavyweight. And you can be in great aerobic conditioning regardless of your body type. Or be totally out if shape but look great, like Joshua in this fight. Ridiculous, incorrect analysis. Steven Smith is becoming hack. He seems to have developed the gimmick of having to say some controversial, usually incorrect extreme statement about sports and its not working.

  • Collins Wanzala

    He got tired soonest he stepped in th ring..n xteristic 4 knock down r symbolic of wwe scripted fights..

  • Collins Wanzala

    Joshua sold this fight..I'm sure betting firms paid him at least 300m th fight again n analyse..

  • Emanuel

    Potential has to be seized. You're saying he was not ready, so he was not treating his job with respect, so he was not acting like a professional, so he lost. That's it. HE LOST.

  • Cowboy Western38

    People who know boxing knew Joshua was a fraud ... Ruiz is a Helluva fighter we been knew he was coming

  • Antonio RB

    Stephen A Smith, "Don't take joy in Anthony Joshua's recent downfall"'s biblical. His mouth is too much lol. Well done to Ruiz :)