• Robert Dircks

    Oh it's going to happen Nate wants that ass boii 209 Eastside Modesto to Stockton

  • Robert Dircks

    Daiz beat Connor twice and he's going to whoop your ass Pettis you can't knock Nate out and Pettis knows it Connor couldn't do it and you sure in the fuck can't

  • Mauricio Cruz

    I’m Diaz fan but I gotta respect Pettis... less talk more fighting por favor.....

  • Dee Dee

    Nate if you see this get ya brother in rehab homie

  • Sean E Cash

    Really annoying listening to Ariel digging to make Pettis talk more shit about Diaz... then when he interviews Nate he says do you want to hear what Pettis said about you? Diaz was like nahhh bitch! Diaz knows what’s up. Ariel’s such a drama bitch...

  • Michael Kruse

    A tough and talented fighter here but sorry to sing it to u but Diaz is gonna clown on Pettis. Diaz is on a whole nother level of fighting. Diaz is a fkin beast and he def ain’t turning up for no cameras. Connor mcgregror for prime example.

  • 001Broadway

    Im so glad he knocked the fuck out of this point fighter Wonderboy.

  • marcb510

    Pettis is a great fighter..a true warrior! McTapper will he given an easy fight next thats why he didnt take Pettis. Pettis Diaz will be epic!

  • Jett

    Let’s hope this fight happens

  • Peter Dolphijn

    Pettis wil be in a world of shit if he thinks he got a easy fight

  • Michael Oaks

    Pettis is the only one who thinks there was drama as far as Nate and him go. lol He sounds envious that Diaz not only got to fight Mcgregor but beat the shit out of him too.

  • project biscuits

    Pettis WILD AF moves up slumps thompson then says he wanna sleep nate😂 Nates a Sav tho

  • Eldon Grove

    Does anyone know the story behind pettis’s jaw? Is it from a broken jaw? I’m just curious not disrespectful.