• Published on: 2019-05-13
  • Runtime: 13:17


  • Ximo Pierto

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  • Darren Nash

    LOL That freaking out scream from a female fan at 12:41 as Joe Butler runs in for the game tying lay up shot lol soo funny. Could just imagine her holding her own hair tightly screaming "Noooooo" lol geez gets me everytime. Good thing Kawhi Leonard put up the history making buzzer beater shot with only 4.2 seconds left in the 4th quarter. 1 for the ages no doubt. Love this game so much! Thank you Kawhi Leonard.

  • Vertigo686

    Commentator: Is this the dagger? 3 seconds: Everyone: OOOOOOOOHHHH!!!

  • Axe

    Wow kawhi lucky shot makes raptors win NBA finals

  • 420protoman

    i'm going back in time and watching all of these game 7 and game 6 wins for raptors this playoffs.damn these were some amazing tough series' , philly, bucks

  • Aleph Tav

    R E P E N T The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand Rapture is imminent Lion of Judah 2nd coming ^ ^ ^ we FLY soon

  • LJ Andrewes

    I could live to be 1,000 and I would never ever get tired of watching THAT SHOT

  • gor9027

    This loss must haunt Sixers fans even more now after seeing how broken GS became and how Toronto dispatched them to win the title.

  • Tdot Yardman

    Yeah I'm here after my favorite team the Raptors won the championship why I'm here not because of Kawhi buzzer win but to see how Philadelphia was the only team to take the Raptors to 7 games so shout out to the Sixers

  • jeff aviles

    This is more interesting than the nba finals LOOL

  • ElLoquito Riducktor

    Everyboody know who was kawhi’s teacher, don’t you? Let me share, this man has got the winner mentallity like Manu ginobili

  • Maximum Mcgehee

    The game should have went to overtime because the clock was at 0.0 when he released it i hate the Raptors

  • Insert name HERE

    Touch 'em all, Leonard! You'll never score a bigger basket in your life!