Bachata Footwork Mastery The Ultimate Bachata Course

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In this course you'll learn Bachata from one of the Bachata Pioneers Worldwide. In 2013 Jorge Contreras was recognized as the 8th Top Bachata Instructor & Dancer in the World. Jorge co-founded the first Bachata Dance Company in Los Angeles, the first Bachata Festival in Los Angeles, started the first Bachata Night Club in the US and has traveled to over 25 countries teaching Bachata tobeginners with zero experience to training other Instructors around the World.Jorge has inspired over 8 million new and experienced Bachata enthusiast in person and on YouTube and has personally trained 10's of thousands of students over the last 10 years.You'll learn Jorge'sFootwork Library that he has used over the last 10 years.From beginner foot-work combinations, to intermediate and to Advanced.Get ready to take your Bachata to levels you never imagined before!With our 30-day money back guarantee, there is no reason to hesitate, see you inside.


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